A sleek, modern POS terminal that can handle the
restaurant's hustle and bustle.

Serve all of your treasured customers by keeping preferences and dinner history up to date with one click. ERMS provides real-time sales reporting and analytics, enabling restaurants to provide their guests with the greatest dining experience. Examine performance measures to gain the business insights you seek. A jam-packed with tons of incredible features & capabilities. So, when you utilize it, you might be shocked to see that this simple but incredibly beneficial CRM software can automate most restaurant business tasks and give you a break from your hectic schedule.

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Orders, sales, and payments can all be managed in one location thanks to strong cloud-based software, transparent payment processing, and restaurant-grade
hardware designed specifically for the restaurant industry by restaurant experts. We understand that one size does not fit all.
To help you get the most out of ERM5, we created a Service Model that fits your time, budget, and needs.



A POS system for managing your entire restaurant With ERM5 POS, a partner who understands the particular requirements of your business, you can boost income, streamline processes, and please customers. ERM5 functions as a flexible point-of-sale system. Use it to quickly access and thoroughly report each day, week, and month's sales.


Keep track of, increase, and maintain profitability for all of your menu items. You may evaluate cost breakdowns and make better-educated decisions about your menu pricing and purchases by using the recipe costing features in ERM5. By using ERM5 restaurant inventory software, you can create recipes, add the necessary ingredients, track your purchases and wastes, and get notifications when an item reaches its reorder level, prompting you to place another order. Additionally, to handle any stock shipment for a specific purchase, you can automatically fill in frequently ordered items from each supplier.


SCALE UP YOUR RESTAURANT BUSINESS WITH A GREAT CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM One of the key prerequisites for achieving the desired success is having satisfied consumers. When there is a big rush at your restaurant, managing the customers' orders for various food items and making sure they are served promptly might be challenging. Start utilising ERM5 to manage your customers, and make sure they are delighted. ERM5 features a lovely drag-and-drop user interface that makes it simple to keep track of customers' check-ins and check-outs at your restaurant. Your (for customers) availability is automatically updated across all booking channels.


You, as the owner, must navigate between many dashboards, including your POS for dine-in sales. All of your data is accessible on a single dashboard thanks to ERM5 connectors, providing you with a complete picture of what's occurring in your restaurant right now. You can accurately view the occupancy in each of your restaurants at various locations with the help of this restaurant management system. This means that you will be able to remotely as well as on-site manage traffic at all of your shops.


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Extensive Reporting

No need to manually monitor the performance of your restaurant. ERM5 AI-powered analytics automatically monitors changes in sales, the number of leads generated each month, the total number of offers and promotional products sold each month, etc. Real-time dynamic reports that you can save and share with anybody will help you make better decisions.

Reserve Table

Table Reservation

Now, bid clunky sales software a fond farewell and switch to ERM5. It allows you to manage consumers in accordance with the floor and automatically collects customer data with every online and offline reservation. ERM5 Dining enables you to quickly go between floors to reach the orders for your table.


Hardware Compatible

The software can be installed without any special hardware or installation. Use ERM5 on a computer, a laptop, or a mobile device around the clock to easily manage orders. You can easily keep a tight eye on all orders and increase revenues with simplified product listings, updated inventories, and fast alerts for all sales and transactions.

Chef cooking food

Kitchen Order Tickets

You'll forget the inconveniences of managing kitchen orders manually thanks to ERM5. Give this CRM your information to receive Kitchen Order Ticket with just one click. It makes it easier for you to keep track of customer orders and make sure they arrive at the appointed time.

Order Online

Online Ordering

With ERM5, restaurant owners can accept customer orders online around-the-clock and guarantee timely deliveries. Customers can submit their orders at any time and can quickly verify the availability of various food items online.

Messages on Phone


For each and every activity, ERM5 automatically sends SMS and Email notifications to both restaurant owners and customers. Therefore, you can promote new cuisines among customers and boost total restaurant traffic.

HR and Payroll

HR & Payroll

HR professionals have a variety of responsibilities, including the hiring process, onboarding and training, revising employee policies, and streamlining routine activities. HRMS solution streamlines and simplifies operations like scheduling interviews, evaluating employee performance, and managing payroll.

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Our customer resources, support, and education tools enable you to study or accomplish what you want when you want, and how you want, whether you're at home or on the move.

Support Team

Instant Assistance from Actual People

Our support team is available to help you via phone, email, or on-site visit if you experience any problems or have any questions. No automated or chatbot responses, just help from someone who can relate to your situation.

open 24/7

24-hour support

Have trouble processing your orders at midnight? Or, encountered difficulties at five in the morning? Not to worry! We've got your back. Your PoS will always be operational thanks to ERM5's support staff, who are available around the clock, including on holidays and weekends.


Training & Retraining of Staff

TWas your biller altered? again require staff training? Want to teach a new ERM5 feature to your staff?
You'll never have to be concerned about such things with ERM5. To help you or your staff get the most out of your ERM5 PoS, our team is always available to train you or them.



Consult with a restaurant specialist today to explore how ERM5 might benefit your business.

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Let us assist you in getting started with the appropriate tools for your company.

  • » After submitting the form, an ERM5 expert will contact you to set up your demo within 24 hours.
  • » Your demo will feature a special ERM5 walkthrough tailored to the particular requirements of your business.
  • » We will then provide you with a custom price quote based on the software package you desire.

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